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I Got Them to Eat Peas! Pea and Bacon Recipe with Breaded Tilapia and Whit

My children and vegetables are not friends. I consider myself a healthy eater, but convincing my children, especialy my girls 5 and 3, to eat their veggies has been a battle - especially if they're green. Tonight I got them to eat their peas! And I don't mean to brag... but they even asked for more! This is truly an accomplishment and I have the pictures as proof!

I made white rice with sweet peas and bacon and Almond-Crusted Tilapia. Being Dominican, I cook white rice often. I use Carolina Jasmine Rice and my handy dandy rice cooker - the one kitchen item I can't live without. For the peas, I found the recipe online at It's called Peas with Bacon and Almonds, but I omitted both the almonds (because I didn't have any left over after making the fish) and the butter (I figured the oil from the bacon drippings was sufficient for both fat and flavor). I also added pieces of frozen Harvestland Grilled Chicken Breast Strips because I wasn't sure if my daughters would eat the Almond-Crusted Tilapia (turns out they loved that too!).

Overall, the dish was tasty. Everyone including my husband ate it happily, especially because it included bacon, something we don't eat often. The dish was easy and fairly quick to make and didn't make much of a mess. You can find the Almond-Crusted Tilapia recipe on

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