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A Little About My Crazy Happy Family Blog and Me!

I am Aliali, a wife and working mother of four beautiful children at home who is attempting to balance raising a family with building a career.  I am dedicated to feeding my family well, sharing the world with them through travel, creating a welcoming and comfortable home and attempting to live out my own passions at the same time!  Clearly, I have much on my plate!  But I want to share my happy chaos with you and hopefully inspire others to continue to dream all the while sharing with their families.  It can be done, but it might not always looking pretty doing it!


I've always wanted to be a writer.  I'm a high school English teacher, but the dream of writing has always been a persistent desire of mine as far back as junior high school.  I decided to pursue this blog as an attempt to both write and share the crazy happy life of my family.  I've read many blogs in search of parenting advice, decorating ideas, travelling tips or food suggestions and found that many of the sites many times make me feel inadequate as a parent.  I'm not organized enough.  My house doesn't look like it came out of a magazine phot shoot.  I can't afford some of the exotic trips that family bloggers write about.  Yet, I love to decorate, attempt to organize and travel more than many of the other families I know.  So, I thought, why not share what our life is like?  


Hopefully you'll enjoy reading, maybe sharing an article or two, and leave some comments along the way!


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